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Negative Consequences

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Negative Consequences

There are three guidelines for creating negative consequences that work:

1) Consequences should be gradual, progressing from less severe to more severe as misbehavior is repeated. (There needs to be a severity clause here – some behaviors are so severe they skip steps like fighting).

2) Consequences should be natural and logical. (Potl pitfall: It is really hard to come up with natural and logical consequences on the spot – under pressure new teachers sometimes panic and dole out consequences that are too severe or that don’t make sense given the misbehavior. This is why planning and thinking through possible scenarios is an important part of strong classroom management)

3) Consequences should maintain the dignity of the student. They should be consistent from student to student and the delivery of consequences should address the behavior, not the student.

Examples (in no particular order):

  • call home
  • note home
  • send student to a time out desk
  • send student to another room
  • revoke priveleges (example, student loses his/her privelege of working in pairs on an activity)
  • time after class (1-2 minutes of their passing period between classes)
  • move student to another seat
  • conference with an atheletic coach
  • conference with the student (in the hallway or at a later time)
  • detention (lunch of after school)
  • writing lines (example, copying Aristotle’s quote on excellence 25 times)
  • lose money from paycheck
  • porch or bench students (students have to sit seperately from their classmates, in my own room it meant they had to stand in a taped off square until thy earned their seat back)
  • the Super Nanny chat (I love this one – if you’ve ever watched the show you know what I’m talking about. Privately and calmly, you explain what the student did that was inappropriate and he or she has to apologize to you for it and explain what he/she should have done in that situation. You then shake hands, accept their apology, and continue on.)



Written by theonlinepd

March 16, 2008 at 8:52 pm

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