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In life your actions have both positive and negative consequences. If you speed you will eventually get caught and earn yourself a speeding ticket. If you do well in your job you will receive recognition and possibly a raise or promotion. In the world of education the pendulum has swung wide between urging teachers to only have negative consequences to only implementing positive consequences. Is there a happy medium? In my opinion, if we want to prepare our students to be citizens of the world we can begin by teaching them a strong correlation between their actions and both positive and negative consequences. In action, I’ve noted that my teachers who are the strongest classroom managers rarely have to use their negative consequences and mostly dole out positive consequences, but have thoroughly thought through both types of situation and their students clearly understand the class policies and potl consequences.

On a side note, many of my first year teachers have been surprised this year that their students don’t seem to understand the correlation between action and consequence (either positive or negative). If your students are more “you gave me that consequence” than “I earned that consequence” it may be part of normal adolescent behavior, but there are some who think that not seeing the correlation between actions and consequences is a side effect of generational poverty. If you’re interested in learning more, I recommend A Framework for Understanding Poverty by Ruby Payne.

Regardless of how your students view consequence when you meet them, there are some serious consequences for society if we don’t teach them a strong correlation between action and consequence while they are in our classrooms. I also believe that students, particularly adolescents, crave structure and thrive in classrooms where behavioral expectations are highly predictable.

Negative Consequences

Positive Consequences


Written by theonlinepd

March 16, 2008 at 8:49 pm

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