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P-5/E-4: Classroom Management

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Classroom management is a combination of planning and strong execution. While this page will give you some general guidelines for rules and consequences and examples that have worked for other teachers, there is no silver bullet for classroom management. Finding the what will be effective in your classroom depends on your students and your personality.

In planning, advanced proficient teachers:

  • Craft rules that address most forseeable needs in the classroom.
  • Crafts student-friendly rules, clear to all students once rules have been introduced, positively stated and manageable in numbers.
  • Crafts consequences that are reasonable, logical and likely to deter most students from misbehavior
  • Designs intial plan that requires all students to demonstrate thier comprehension of the rules and consequences

    In execution they:

    • Communicate expectations and often the purpose behind them, clearly, assertively, and confidently as necessary, usually avoiding indept discussions of expectations becuase they are well established.
    • Effectively choose from a range of techniques to repond justly and purposefully to misbehavior while maintaining students’ dignity
    • Consistently reacts immediately, clearly and assertively in the moment
    • Misbehavior rarely prevents the lesson from moving forward and consistently ceases in the short and long term with teacher’s intervention

    More on classroom management:

    * The power of clear directions

    * Classroom rules

    * Consequences

    * What do I do if my consequences aren’t working?

    * Common management mistakes


    Do you have examples of positive or negative consequences that are effective in your class? Please post them here in a comment or e-mail them to me at


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    March 16, 2008 at 10:38 am

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