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P-3/E-1: Intro to New Material

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There are two pieces to an effective intro to new material: the planning (P-3) and the execution (E-1).

In planning, strong intros to new material:

* Emphasize the 3-5 key points of the lesson clearly and concisely

* Consider potl misconceptions

* Take into account student learning styles

* Make students active participants

In execution:

* Explanations are coherent, cohesive, and correct with a focus on key ideas.

* The teacher maintains effective tone, pace, volume, poise, and body language well enough to command the attention and interest of almost all of the students in a classroom.

* Follows the lesson plan while flexibly making adjustments based on in-the-moment circumstances as necessary.

It’s important to think through what you will be doing during the intro to new material and what your students will be doing during the INM.

INM Ideas:

1) Structured notes (example: Mike’s structured notes)

2) Cornell notes (example: Cornell Notes Example)

3) Graphic organizers (You can find many templates of graphic organizers here)

4) Video with guided questions

5) Article or short reading with guided questions

6) Jigsaw (An article on the jigsaw strategy)

7) Powerpoint

8.) Inquiry-based

9) Think aloud

Do you have other creative ideas for introducing new material? Please share!


* Your students follow along with the guided notes and listen to your intro to new material. The nod and seem to understand. They don’t have any questions, but then when you get to the guided practice they can’t do it. At a loss for what to do? Check out these ideas on active learning strategies to keep your class “minds on” during your INM.

* Ever wonder why some ideas stick and others don’t?  Check out Made to Stick by Chip & Dan Heath. You can find the executive summary here. If you’re interested in reading the whole book e-mail Amanda to borrow it.


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February 21, 2008 at 10:19 pm

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