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P-3: Lesson Planning

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P-3: Create rigorous, objective-driven lesson plans so that students who complete class activities successfully will have mastered the objectives and made progress towards the big goals.

Teachers who are advanced proficient at lesson planning:

  • Ensure that lessons align to the assessments, objectives and long-term instructional goals.
  • Design activities that align with and accomplish the purpose behind the steps of the lesson cycle.
  • Design lessons so that timing supports learning.

How to write a lesson plan is one of the first skills corps members are taught at summer institute. Unfortunately, many teachers overlook the subtle complexities of lesson planning and turn too quickly towards investment as an explanation for why students are walking away from a class without the desired knowledge and understandings. Before we turn to investment we have to take a careful look at our lesson plans and ask ourselves- am I planning and executing my daily lessons in a way that truly sets my students up for success? Let’s take a closer look at the hallmarks of strong lesson plans and execution, ways to vary your lesson plans, and common challenges:

* Types of Lesson Plans & Templates

* Alignment

* Creating a Strong Hook

* Intro to New Material (P-3/E-1)

* Practice, Practice, Practice: Guided and Independent (P-3/E-2)

* Wrapping It Up – Don’t Forget the Closing!

Other Topics In Lesson Planning:

* Teaching Vocabulary in a Meaningful Way (coming soon!)

* New! The 3 Modes of Learning – Are You Planning With Them in Mind?

* Passive vs. Active Learning

Calvin & Hobbes

Do you have a specific question about lesson planning you don’t see here? Do you have addl ideas about lesson planning or strong examples that you think would be helpful to others? Please send them to


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February 21, 2008 at 1:48 pm

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