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Literacy in the Secondary Classroom

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What are ways to invest students in textbook readings?

Anticipation Guide
Checklist written by teacher to activate existing knowledge.


Directions: Read each statement and place a check in the ME column if you agree with it and a minus if you do not agree with it. Then, read the textbook pages related to fungi and again use a check or a minus, except place it in the AUTHOR column. Compare your opinions with those of the author.

Taking it further: Change all the minus statements in the author column so that they agree with the textbook, and write down the page number where you found the information.

ME                                                                                   AUTHOR STATEMENTS        PAGE
1. A fungus doesn’t make its own food.
2. Most fungi can live on things that once were alive.
3. Ringworm and athlete’s foot are caused by fungi.
4. All mushrooms are safe for us to eat.
5. We have not discovered any helpful fungi.
6. Yeast is a form of fungus.
7.  Fungi can live on clothing.

KWL Chart
Have students complete either class wide or individual charts to record what they “Know, Want to know, and Learned.”   The first two columns will be filled out before they read.  The third column would be completed post reading.


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March 14, 2008 at 5:04 pm

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